by Respirators

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released September 21, 2012

Produced, mixed and mastered by: Jacob L. Davidsen (
Cover photo by: Tage Jørgensen (R.I.P.)
Layout: Jacob Bernit
All music by: Respirators
All lyrics by: Jacob Bernit, Tobias Johnsen & Jakob Pries



all rights reserved


Respirators Copenhagen, Denmark

Hi. We're Respirators from Copenhagen, Denmark. Since we formed in 2009 we have played a lot of drunken shows around Europe with many cool bands such as: Off With Their Heads, Banner Pilot, Red City Radio, The Hitchcocks, M.O.T.O. and The 20Belows. New self titled full length out September 21. Check it out! ... more

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Track Name: Pissing Yourself To Stay Warm
November you brought the worst in me
Killed grey skies with chemistry
Card caring member in the club of the depressed
Young adults without success

Another year's gone by that we spent drunk or getting high
What the fuck went wrong?
All my friends are dead and gone
Last toast to all of them who poured their lives down the drain
This fucking town's turned into a graveyard of fallen friends

Feel the darkness as the days are closing in
Leaving marks and bites my skin
Drinking all night to the same pathetic songs
About a guy who lost it all

I got to leave this town, it's full of loss and wasted lives
I won't stay at this place, it seems so fucked in many ways
Last toast to all my friends, who poured their lives down the drain
This fucking town's turned into a ghost town with memories
Track Name: Life Is An All You Can Eat Buffet (And I'm Wearing Sweatpants)
Fixin' what was left out in the rain
Repaint these walls with my blown out brain
Fill me up with ethanol
'till I don't fell anything at all

Throwing up in the middle of the street
Blacking out from smoking too much weed
And I know I'll fell better when my stomach spills onto the floor

Drain my head
Smash it in with that thing
You keep in a bag
Stashed behind the paper bin
Let's get fueled by alcohol
'till we can't feel our own feelings anymore
Track Name: In Sight
How did we get caught up in this web of unintended consequences
The side effects of hiding from the world
We told ourselves the skies were grey that everything was in decay
Now we drift in numbness through these numbered days

We make plans at 3 AM on drunken weekend nights
When the future suddenly looks brighter with better days in sight
If only we could remember what we promised each other
As we face another rainy monday morning

A broken VCR, now we can't pay the rent
I know its dark, but think about the time we spent
It meant the world, the world to me
So if you leave don't forget me

Let's pack our backs, and leave this town behind
I feel so rich 'cause what's yours is mine
Let's flip the world and live free
Get on our bikes and burn our last money
Track Name: You Don't Get Hungover (If You Keep Drinking)
Whatever happened to our ambitions did they just suddenly die?
How come all we think about these days is trying to survive?
No one ever said it was easy to stay young at heart
But at least we still can try 'cause we're too young to fall apart

Too young to be so fucking jaded and depressed
We got too many headaches and days of distress

Where did all the time go it just slipped away like sand
How come all we wanted in our lives get out of hand?

We're ending like our parents what we swore we'd never do
Unsatisfied and thinking bout the chances that we blew
Track Name: Ears Still Ringing
Weekends, best friends
Repeating the same routine

Fun and jokes made up so long ago
Oh, let's go out and get fucked forever tonight

Cold dark nights, let's stay inside
Screw this town let's get fucked forever
Bottle up, bottle shock
You and I it won't get any better

Let's blast these amps, our ears still ringing
Oh go home together tonight
Track Name: Crackin Up/Caving In
Did I expect too much or is this how it's supposed to be?
One third trough life and the clouds above my head haven't moved one inch

Crackin up and caving in

Cold sweat is always nearby, anxiety's eating up alive
These pills stopped working so long ago
Consolation in a bottle is my only hope
Track Name: Waiting For The End
I've fucking had enough of this town all these people in it
I know you feel the same it's fucking driving us insane
Empty minds and hollow shells I cringe at every word they say
I don't know where to go but here we cannot stay

Spend the best part of our youth getting drunk in parking lots
Broken dreams and blackened lungs was all we ever fucking got
I always hoped I'd never feel this way again
But I can honestly say that I'm just waiting for the end

Let's pack up and leave, let's get out of this place that's what you said, but it's too late

It's never gonna change, we'll always stay the same
It doesn't matter that we try to change our fuckedd up lives
Track Name: Black And Blue
Think before you act that's what I told you
I know a lot is going on, I sure do
So take a second and look back
Onto what a fucking mess you left for me to hold on to

You only get what you give, that's the last thing you said

Took little time to mark a curfew
But your thoughts on right and wrong won't safe you
I know a lot is going on, I sure do
But it won't take seconds to regret this wrong move

You said you're fucked in your head, yeah that's what you said

Sometimes I'd wish that this world would explode
Sometimes I wish for the worst things
Before you know it these things will come true
And you'll be knocked up, beaten black and blue

Sooner or later this day will come true
And you'll be knocked up, beaten black and blue
Track Name: Empty Wallets, Empty Heads
My wallet's worn out, 3 weeks till the first now!
Looks Like I will stay broke for awhile
No steady income, can't get a day job
Narrow visions in a broke economy

I'm fucked, and can't stay calm
Bankrupt due to student loans
Can't go out I guess you all have to to forgive me
I'm Howard Hughes, and there's piss in the jar
A fucking joke that went too far
I'm Jack Kerouac the old, self loathing retard

Can't pay the rent now my debt is growing slow.
So please let me stay here for awhile
Need a place to stay warm
Enjoy the comfort of a home
Course right now it's not working for me
Track Name: This Is Copenhagen
A thousand nights the same old city
Try not to drown in your self pity
You know things could be better, if we could keep our act together
No one's active with the activists, so lets postpone another gig
Stay calm, watch it burn
The kids will make it better

We are drowning in conformity
So I guess this is a eulogy
Why go out at all when the couch fells so much better
So now we're going, now we're drowning
The show's still on, but I'm sill yawning
Fighting back the tears as the crowd stands still forever

Let's take one moment to look on these empty shows with echoes
Laugh and share a grin and swear we'll never get to this
We got nothing left in this town, but microphones and stage lights
Let's not forget the past, but still make this fucking night last

Let's try t show the rest middle fingers ain't pointless
Soar throats and empty cans are worth to hold on to